CEO Panel

Navigating the New Normal: Digital Innovation Strategies for Sustainable Growth in a Deglobalizing World

Moderator: Dr. Chandan Chowdhury, Senior Associate Dean and Practice Professor (Operations Management and Information Systems)

27th December 2023

Background: Amid an ever-evolving global landscape, the CEO Panel Discussion, titled “Navigating the New Normal: Digital Innovation Strategies for Sustainable Growth in a Deglobalizing World,” aims to delve into the dynamic confluence of digital innovation, sustainable growth, and the phenomenon of deglobalization. As traditional notions of globalization undergo significant transformations, CEOs and industry leaders find themselves at a crossroads, compelled to redefine their strategies to thrive in this rapidly changing environment. Deglobalization, propelled by factors such as trade tensions, shifting geopolitical dynamics, sanctions, and the global impact of major events, has compelled organizations to reevaluate their operational approaches. In response, forward-thinking CEOs are increasingly turning to digital innovation as a potent catalyst for achieving sustainable growth. This discussion serves as a platform to explore the strategies, hurdles, and opportunities intrinsic to this evolving landscape.

CEOs and CXOs representing diverse sectors will share their experiences and insights, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to examine the pivotal role of digital innovation in reshaping global business paradigms. Participants can anticipate gaining profound insights into the strategies and tactics employed by top executives to navigate the intricacies of the “new normal” within the context of a deglobalizing world.

Questions for the CEO Panel Discussion:

  1. What are the critical drivers of deglobalization today, and how have they impacted your organization’s global strategies?
  2. Given the evolving dynamics of global trade and geopolitics, can you elaborate on how we can assess and effectively manage risks associated with your organization’s global operations?
  3. Could you provide insights into the specific talents and skills required within your organization or others to drive successful digital innovation in a deglobalizing world?
  4. With consumers’ growing demand for sustainability, what pressures do you anticipate Indian companies will face in meeting these expectations and integrating sustainable practices?
  5. Can you share examples of digital innovation initiatives in your organization that have adapted to but thrived in the context of deglobalization, contributing to sustainable growth?
  6. In a world marked by heightened concerns over data privacy, how do we ensure the ethical and responsible usage of data in our digital initiatives?
  7. What strategies will effectively foster collaboration between global and local teams to optimize supply chains and market presence in a deglobalizing environment?
  8. As CEOs, how do you envision the role of leadership evolving in an era of digital innovation and deglobalization, and what qualities will be paramount for success in this changing landscape?